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  • How do I request an Instant Pay?

    Open the Instant app:

    • Click on the menu icon in the top left corner to access the side bar
    • Click the “PAY ME” icon
    • Confirm the location of your shift
    • Select your Manager
    • Enter your start time & finish time
    • Include (if any) unpaid break time
    • Click “PAY ME”
    • Your Manager will confirm your shift

    You are able to request 50% of your earned pay for the shift you just finished.

  • Really? There’s no fee to take an Instant Pay?

    There is no cost to take an Instant Pay. We are providing you access to money you have earned. Take control of your money! Your Instant Pay will be deducted from your next pay check.

  • How does money get added to my Instant account?

    Only your employer can add funds to your Instant account. These funds are added through payroll, tips, and other transfers from your employer.

  • Where can I make purchases with my Instant card?

    Your Instant card is a prepaid MasterCard® card. Purchases can be made with your Instant card wherever major MasterCard cards are accepted, including online.

    If your card has a chip, you will be required to enter your PIN for in-store purchases. All ATM transactions will require your PIN.

  • How long does it take for a refund to be posted to my Instant account?

    In the event that you return an online or store purchase to the retailer, the refund or credit will be credited back to your card.

    Most merchandise returns are posted within 24 hours, but depending on the merchant and their applicable rules it could take up to 5 business days.

    If you are having issues with your refund please contact our support line at 1-844-466-9361.

  • Do I need a smart phone to access the app?

    You can use the features of the Instant app on a desktop computer by going to this address on your internet browser: app.instant.co/app. The Instant app can also be accessed on your iPad/Tablet.

  • Can my employer view my purchases and transfers?

    Your data is completely secure. Anything you do, be it transfers or purchases, has nothing to do with your employer. They do not have access to your funds once you have taken them.

  • How do I get a PIN for my Instant card?

    If your card has a chip, your PIN is provided with your card. If  you forget your PIN, please call customer service at 1-855-976-4376. If your card does not have a chip, and you require a PIN, please call 1-888-252-9579.

  • Can I withdraw cash from an ATM with my Instant card?

    You can withdraw cash from any ATM that displays the MasterCard® or Cirrus® acceptance marks. When making cash withdrawals from an ATM, enter your PIN and choose Credit Card. ATM charges may apply.

  • What’s the Inactivity Fee?

    An Inactivity Fee will be charged when there has been no loads or spending for 90 continuous days. The inactivity fee will repeat monthly if no activity continued and will terminate when the balance equals zero or when activity occurs.

  • How do I transfer money from my Instant account to a bank account?

    Open the Instant app:

    • Click on the menu icon in the top left corner to access the side bar
    • Click the “TRANSFER MONEY” icon
    • Enter the transit #, institution ID #, and account #. (You can add a picture of your void check)
    • Enter the desired amount of money you wish to transfer
    • Click “TRANSFER” and you’re done!

    Bank transfers made before 10am PST on business days should be available in your bank account the next business day. Some banks take an additional day.

  • My Instant card has been compromised (lost/stolen), what do I do?

    If you lose your card and/or PIN, you should call customer service immediately at 1-855-976-4376.

  • Bank Account Troubleshooting:

    If you’re having trouble entering your bank account information, review these tips:

    • Consult your physical cheque to find your account information. Oftentimes, banks will omit necessary digits on online statements.
    • On your cheques, your transit number is the number between ⑆ and ⑉ (Ex: ⑆12345⑉). Enter 5 digits for your transit number. If your transit number is less than 5 digits, add zeros to the beginning. For example, if your transit number is 2, enter 00002.
    • For most bank’s cheques, your account number follows the transit and institution numbers. It comes after ⑆ and before ⑈ (Ex: ⑆1234567⑈). Your account number may be broken up by symbols on your cheque. Enter your full account number and do not include any dashes, spaces or additional zeros.
    • If you don’t have a cheque, we recommend contacting your bank directly.
  • Tips for Common Canadian Banks

    BankInstitution NumberAccount Number LengthAdditional Tips
    TD Canada Trust004A 7 digitsThe last 7 digits on your cheque. Be sure to not include the 4 digit designation number which precedes your account number.
    Desjardins8157 digitsThe last digit on your cheque, the verification digit, is part of your 7 digit account number. Make sure to include this digit.
    Tangerine (formerly ING Bank of Canada)61410 digitsOnline bank: Transit number will always be 00152.
    HSBC Bank of Canada0169 digits (the last 9 on your cheques)The transit number will always begin with 10XXX.
    Central 18285 to 12 digitsYour account number appears on your cheques after the institution number (828).
    Bank of Montreal (BMO)0017digitsN/A
    Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce010A 7-digit account number.N/A
    Royal Bank of Canada0037 digitsN/A
    Scotiabank0027 or 12 digitsN/A
    National Bank of Canada0067 digitsN/A