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  • What is Instant Pay?

    Instant Pay for Randstad is a new way to get paid for your assignments, powered by Instant! The Instant Pay benefit allows you to access a portion of your pay through your Instant Financial app after each shift without having to wait for payday.

  • How do I choose to get paid on Instant?

    To receive your pay on Instant and get access to your pay after every shift, simply download the Instant Financial app and follow the on-screen prompts to create an account. That’s it! Once you are configured, you will begin receiving Instant Pay offers after your next shift!

    To be eligible for Instant Pay you must not have any active garnishments on your pay, and you must receive all your wages on the Instant Card (you cannot split your pay between sources within WorkPlace). If you would like your funds sent to your bank account every week, you can schedule regular bank transfers from within the Instant app.


  • How do I set up my Instant account?

    Get an Instant card kit from your site manager, grab a web-enabled device, and watch this video that will guide you through setting up your new Instant account!


    • You will need your Employee ID to sign up for Instant. If you don’t have it on hand, the next question has full instructions on where to find it.
    • When you are asked to enter your location, search “Randstad” and then choose the Randstad location for your state – for example, Randstad TN, or Randstad GA.



  • How do I find my employee ID?

    If you don’t have your employee ID on hand, it’s easy to find. Log in to WorkPlace, and click “Personal Information” on the left and then “Update Personal Information“. You will find your Employee ID near the bottom of the page under “Other Personal Information“. You can also ask your Site Manager for help.


  • Everything you need to know about your Instant Card

    Here is what you need to know about your Instant Card.

    Your Instant Card:

    • Can only be activated once and under one account (your account is registered by your email address)
    • Can be used everywhere that VISA cards are accepted
    • Can only be funded by your employer
    • Your card cannot go into overdraft. It is a prepaid Visa debit, so you will need to have funds on the card to make a purchase
    • Does not have a routing number or account number
    • Can only be used in the United States. If you’re traveling out of state, let us know! Contact us and we’ll help make sure you don’t have a card interruption.

    If you need more information, check out the following article Where can I make Purchases with my Instant Card.

  • Trouble signing into Instant?

    If you’ve forgotten your login information, or would like to update it, follow these instructions.

    If you’ve forgotten your password:

    1. From the first app screen, select Sign In
    2. If you do not know your current password, below the Log In button, select “Need help logging in?”
    3. Select Forgot Password
    4. Enter the email address associated with your Instant account and hit “Reset Password.” You will receive a password reset link in your email.

    *Note: If you enter an email address, hit “Reset Password” and get the pop up “Oops User not found,” it means this is not your correct email address associated with your Instant account. Please check the spelling of your email address and try again.


    If you’ve forgotten your email:

    If you cannot remember the email address associated with your Instant account, DO NOT create a new account.

    • From the first app screen, select Sign In
    • If you do not know your current password, below the Log In button, select “Need help logging in?”
    • Select Forgot Password
    • Enter the email address you believe is associated with your Instant account and hit “Reset Password” to send yourself a password reset link in an email. If you get the pop up “User not found” it means this is not your correct email address.
    • Follow the link below “Reset Password” and select “Forgot email? Contact our Team.”
    • A live chat will pop up with Instant Support. The agent there will verify your identity with details from your account, and then can help you recover your email address to your Instant account.

    *Note: As a financial institution, we take security very seriously. We will not proceed to assist a caller or chatter if they fail security and identity verification protocol.


    If you know your password but want to change it:

    1. From the Dashboard, click the Menu icon in the top left corner.
    2. Select Settings
    3. Select the option Update Password
    4. You will need to enter your current password and enter your new password twice. Your new password must pass our strength indicator bar, and you must enter it twice to ensure you have not made a typo.


  • How can I protect my Instant Visa Debit Card from fraudsters, skimmers, and more?

    You can never be too careful with your money. Please read and follow these best practices.

    • Treat your Instant Card like cash – never give it to anyone.
    • Sign the back of your card for security and identification purposes.
    • Don’t share your Card number or Personal Identification Number (PIN) with anyone.
    • Don’t write your PIN on your card. If someone steals your card, they can withdraw all your money.
    • Never share receipt information about your Instant Card with anyone else (for example, your ATM receipt).
    • Always check your balance in private. If someone asks to listen as you call to confirm the balance of a card, it is likely a fraud scam.
    • Avoid letting friends or family use your card so they don’t make unauthorized purchases.
    • If your card is lost or stolen, or see an unauthorized transaction on your account, go into the Instant Financial app and freeze your card immediately to prevent any other transactions. Then contact us so we can protect your account and start a dispute if necessary.
    • Don’t use your Instant Card for any offer that requires you to pay before you get the item unless it’s a trusted merchant. Most cases, this is a fraud scam. Look for secure websites (the lock symbol in front of the URL), logos such as the Better Business Bureau or TRUSTe, and positive customer reviews. Avoid sites that trigger browser phishing alerts or ask for more information than necessary.
    • Always be aware of your surroundings when using your card. If the person behind you is crowding you while at an ATM or when making a purchase, this may be an indication they are trying to see your Instant Card Account number or PIN. Politely ask them to give you some space.
    • Beware of card “skimming”. Generally, card skimmers use card reading devices that fit over an existing device or ATM. Common occurrences of card skimmers include gas stations, parking garages, and ATMs.
  • How can I transfer money to my bank account?

    You have two options to transfer funds from your Instant account to your bank account.

    1. You can use our standard 1-2 day bank transfer method for free once a week. Any additional standard transfers within 7 days will have a $2 fee.

    To get started:

    • Log into your Instant App
    • Click on the Help button from the menu in the top left corner
    • Choose 1-2 Day Bank Transfer for the options
    • Enter your Checking or Savings account number and press Save (please do not input your debit/credit card number)
    • You can have the funds arrive within two business days, schedule it for the future, or set up a recurring transfer schedule.

    2. You can also use our Real Time Bank Transfer feature to transfer funds instantly from your Instant account to your debit card. This transfer option has a $4 per transfer.

    To get started:

    • Log into your Instant App
    • Click on the Help button from the menu in the top left corner
    • Choose Real Time Transfer
    • Enter in the number on your debit card and press Save (you cannot use a credit card number)
    • Your funds should arrive on your debit card in minutes. It may take up to 30 mins to arrive successfully.
  • How do I change my pay off of Instant?

    If you decide you’d prefer to receive your pay another way, you can easily change your pay method by following these steps:

    1. Stop accepting your Instant Pay offers. If you continue to take offers, it will delay changing your pay
    2. Wait to receive your next pay check on your Instant card
    3. Once you have your pay, log into your self-service portal and change your pay method to your choice

    Note that not getting a final pay on the Instant card means that you won’t repay any offers you’ve taken. If this occurs, you won’t be eligible for Instant Pay in the future.

    If you decide to come back to Instant, just go into the Instant app, re-add your job, and we’ll handle the rest!

  • Looking for more information?

    Visit our Support Center FAQ page for even more answers to common questions.

    Still need help? Chat with us at instant.co/chat.