Why choose Instant?

Instant provides earned wage access (EWA) solutions to businesses allowing them to offer their employees flexible access to their earned pay – bridging the gap between workday and payday.

Learn about our EWA solutions that are fee-free to you and your employees by downloading our ebrochure. You’ll discover what benefits your employees will receive and how Instant can help you:

  • Improve turnover by 27% 
  • Increase engagement and productivity 
  • Lower absenteeism 
  • Reduce hiring and training expenses

Download the 'Why Choose Instant' fact sheet

What this fact sheet answers

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    What makes
    Instant different

    Instant's earned wage access solutions are fee-free to both you and your employees. They don't alter your existing payroll processes.

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    Why employers
    prefer Instant

    After implementing Instant's EWA solutions, employers achieve substantial and sustainable improvements in hiring, retention, absenteeism, engagement, and associated cost savings.

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    Why employees
    prefer Instant

    With Instant, employees have more control over their earnings. Having free access to their earned pay allows them to avoid high-cost financing options like overdrafts, credit cards, and payday loans.