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We decided to roll out the Instant Pay offering to our 7,000 plus Team Members that work across 5 brands – Applebee’s, Del Taco, Wendy’s, MOD Pizza, and Olga’s Kitchen. This required 5 different integrations with our T&A and Ultipro payroll systems. The training, support, integrations, and marketing materials have all been FANTASTIC!!! Our Instant account representative has done a WONDERFUL job keeping us on track, training our managers, providing materials (both online and paper), and basically setting us up for success. Based on our experience to date, I would definitely recommend Instant Pay.

Sandy Reinhardt, VP of Information Technology
TEAM Schostak Family Restaurants


Applebee's Grill + Bar, Del Taco, MOD Pizza, Olga's Kitchen, Wendy's


Instant is the easiest piece of technology we have used.

Nicole McMickle, Senior Director Operations Service
Bloomin’ Brands


Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Carrabba's Italian Grill


From a business standpoint, I am really impressed with the ease of using Instant. Once the employee registers/onboards to Instant, the employee goes from pending to active within a short period of time. I am able to send payments immediately if needed. Also, the assistance I received through the transition to using the Instant cards has been wonderful.

Laura Satterly, Payroll Manager
Shoe Sensation, Inc.


Shoe Sensation, Inc.


At the 22 restaurants in Tampa that were involved in the [Instant] pilot program, there was approximately a 20 percent reduction in employee turnover rates for those restaurants. Based on the success of the pilot, the company rolled out the platform to all of our 250 company stores. [Instant] helped the company’s recruiting and retention efforts. We were finding that employees were asking, ‘Do you have any shifts that I can pick up?

David Bode, Sr. Director People Support
Checkers and Rally’s


Checkers and Rally's


We completed full deployment of Instant Pay across all of our U.S. locations (174 stores across 6 states) in spring 2020 and we are extremely pleased with the Instant product. It has streamlined our internal processes and has been an enormous recruitment tool for staffing our stores. We have several testimonies of candidates coming to work for us because of Instant – ‘Work Today, Get Paid Tomorrow’. Our account rep has been phenomenal and the whole Instant support team is exceptional in supporting our employees with any questions they have with the product.

Karen Mack, HR Director
Team Lyders/Sundance Inc.

We measured our turnover pre and post Instant Pay pilot and found stores on Instant had a 6% reduction in turnover and stores not on Instant went up 8%. That is a 14% swing in a few short months.

Aaron Humphrey, CFO
Team Lyders/Sundance Inc.


Sundance Taco Bell


Instant provides an important differentiator in the competitive environment of staffing and retention. Easy to understand, easy to implement. A true winning formula.

John Valluzzo, McDonald’s Owner Operator
Valluzzo Companies




When we partnered with Instant a few year ago, we were seeing more and more people use credit cards and we had less cash to pay out tips and mileage to our drivers. Instant is the perfect solution to go cashless in our restaurants.

Brad Leonard, Chief Financial Officer
PJ United


Papa John's Pizza


Super easy to implement. They helped us with training and documentation. It could literally be implemented overnight.

Mark Veyette, CTO
Argo Contact Centers


Argo Contact Centers


2 years ago we partnered with Instant Financial to offer innovative, app-based payroll services to our hourly employees. Workers can get paid for a shift within 24 hours. Not only is this providing our team with critical access to pay today but will be a key recruiting tool to hire talent when business resumes.

Adam Saxton, Co-CEO and Owner
Saxton Group

[Instant is] another tool in our tool box for recruitment and retention!

Max Jordy, VP of Corporate Finance
Saxton Group


Saxton Group McAlister Deli


We have been impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of Instant Pay for my people. During this difficult pandemic, we are doing everything we can for our team and Instant pay has been a benefit to them. Our people use Instant Pay – they use it a lot! It is easy to administer and employees like it.

Tony Broadbent, McDonald’s Owner Operator
WorktoLive, LLC




Our company has found great value in using Instant Tips over the past several months. It gives our operators the ability to streamline payments to employees and reduce cash handling. It also provides a safe, effective way to fund our employees on a nightly basis while providing a clean audit trail and state of the art technology to our team. The back office system is very user friendly and easy to navigate. We would highly recommend implementing Instant Tips into your business!

Kevin O’Bold, VP of Finance
Ultra Steak, Inc.


Ultra Steak, Inc.