Instant Financial Reveals New Brand Identity
and Website to Usher in the Start of the
Payday Revolution

Earned Wage Access pioneer unveils enhanced brand experience for clients and cardholders

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – January 17, 2022 – Instant Financial, the pioneer of fee-free, responsible earned wage access (EWA) solutions, today unveiled its new website, brand positioning and card design to reflect the company’s revolutionary leadership in on-demand pay. Since its founding in 2015, Instant has built the most comprehensive, fee–free earned wage access platform to date.

“Today reflects a pivotal moment in the on-demand pay space, as we affirm our claim as the leaders of the earned wage access industry.” said Ryan Ashton, Vice President of Marketing at Instant Financial. “With this unveiling of Instant’s new brand positioning, and our new website, we are launching the Payday Revolution.”

Pioneering the Payday Revolution

While some vendors claim otherwise, the fees attached to various earned wage access programs can be more predatory than a payday loan or even the highest interest credit card. In fact, a $2.99 fee on $50 for 5 days can accumulate to an annual percentage rate (APR) of 436%.

Instant was founded with the ethos that employees shouldn’t have to pay to get paid, and has since grown into the industry’s most responsible fee-free platform that bridges the gap between work day and payday.

As Instant embarks on the next stage of the Payday Revolution, the company’s redesigned website and new URL,, represents its mission to engage, empower, and foster financial wellness for all. The brand updates reflect the shifting consumer demand for on-demand pay and the resources to prepare employers for economic uncertainty.

Additional highlights of Instant’s updated brand presence include:

  • A retention savings calculator including estimated turnover reduction and annual savings that organizations could realize using Instant
  • An updated color palette and illustrative style, to reflect warmth and delight for its users.
  • A newly designed Instant Card, made more accessible, approachable and aligned with employee access to fee-free on-demand pay.

“After pioneering the earned wage access industry, we are proud to continue leading the charge by launching the Payday Revolution,” said Tal Clark, CEO of Instant Financial. “Instant’s rebrand is marking the start of a new era of on-demand pay for millions of Americans, protecting hard-working employees, and enabling them to achieve financial freedom and security.”

Visit today to join the revolution.

About Instant Financial

Instant Financial is leading the charge to provide financial freedom and wellness to millions of workers in the United States through its earned wage access solutions. By enabling employers to allow employees to access their daily wages immediately after their shift, Instant Financial helps organizations improve retention and reduce absenteeism while helping employees take control of their financial freedom by bridging the gap between work day and payday. Learn more about Instant Financial at