Jianna F.

Jianna F.

Instant Cardholder

“I truly love Instant! This app is completely beneficial. I get my bills paid on time, and I can withdraw money with no fees easily! This card was a brilliant idea. Thank you guys so much!”

We’ve Got Your Back

We founded Instant with one mission: to revolutionize the way you get paid.

Bridge the gap with Payday Revolution

A Payday Revolution

We believe fee-free access to wages is a right, not a privilege. We’re working to put financial control back in your hands, where it belongs.

Solution to bridge workday and payday

A Solution for Today

Today’s on-demand world demands a solution that fits your unique needs. We’ve designed our products to be easy and intuitive to use, meeting your payment requirements, on your own terms.

fee-free Solution to bridge workday and payday

It’s Fee-Free

We’re pioneering the fee-free approach to earned wage access, ensuring you get access to your hard-earned money, when you need it, and without any fees.

How Does Instant Work?

Four simple steps to payday!

Watch this short video for more details.

Step 1 to bridge workday and payday

Confirm your employer is set up with Instant, and download the Instant app.

Step 2 to bridge workday and payday

Complete your work as usual, doing what you do best.

Step 3 to bridge workday and payday

Receive a notification in the Instant app, offering up to half your day’s wages.

Step 4 to bridge workday and payday

Your pay is then loaded directly to your account, ready for you to use instantly.

Get paid with on Instant Card after workday and payday

A Card That Cares

With an Instant Visa® debit card, you can get access to cash that’s rightfully yours, the minute you clock out.

Get paid with on Instant Card after workday and payday

⦿ Get Paid in an Instant
Thanks to the Instant Card, accessing your wages has never been easier.

⦿ Access Your Money Anytime, Anywhere
Make purchases, withdraw cash from more than 37,000 surcharge-free ATMs, and move money between bank accounts freely.

⦿ Save the Right Way
Access tools that encourage healthy money management so you can save for your personal short and long-term goals.

There’s an App for That

Introducing the Instant mobile app. Available on iOS and Android. Made with you in mind.

Instant app

⦿ Get notified when your earned pay is ready

⦿ Track your pay and spending habits

⦿ Transfer money to your bank account

⦿ Pay bills and make purchases online

⦿ Use your Instant account for savings

We’ve got your back.

Instant app


Questions? We’ve got answers!

Instant Pay is a fee-free benefit that allows you to get up to half of your pay after every day you work. Simply finish your shift and you’ll get a notification on your phone offering you a portion of your pay. If you accept, funds are added to your Instant account, to use immediately. It’s your money – why should you have to pay to access it?

Instant Tips allows you to get your hard-earned tips paid directly to your Instant account, instead of worrying about carrying cash. And guess what – it’s fee-free. Once you’re finished your shift, your manager calculates your tips, and then processes them to your Instant account for your use, right away. No need to wait around – you just head home and your tips get added to your account automatically!

Simply ask your employer for an Instant sign-up kit. From there, you download the Instant app and follow the instructions to get set up in no time. All you need is a smartphone or a web-enabled computer and you can register. You’re only a few steps away from fee-free access to your pay, whenever you want it!

It sure is. There are no fees for you to get your Instant Pay or Instant Tips loaded to your account. From there, you can use your Instant Card like a regular Visa debit card – make purchases, transfer money to your connected bank account, and more.

You use your Instant Card like any Visa or debit card you have in your wallet. You can make purchases (like getting gas or groceries) or withdraw cash without fees at any of over 37,000 MoneyPass ATMs.