No Cash? No Problem.

Instant Tips allows you to pay your employees their tips electronically – securely and in
real-time – immediately after they’re done their shift.

Instant Tips, electronic tips for your Peace of mind

Promote Peace of Mind

Instant Tips allows you to pay employees their tips electronically, securely, in real-time, doing away with the anxiety of people carrying cash.

Electronic Tips or Instant Tips to Go Cashless

Reduce Your Reliance on Cash

By eliminating the need to carry extra cash on-site, Instant Tips allows your managers to shift their time from counting money to making it.

Electronic tips - Instant Tips - no more counting cash

Stop Manual Processes

Instant Tips is completely automated, which means your management team can focus their time on other higher value activities instead of managing tips manually.

An Overview of Instant Tips

Your employees are the most important part of your business. Give them fee-free access to their tips each time they work, with Instant Tips.


App Store Review


4.6 out of 5

4.6 out of 5


I love always being able to check my account balance right when I open up the instant app and I haven’t had a single problem with the card transactions. Thanks, Instant!

Jaguar Scout, Apple App Store Review

How Does Instant Tips Work?

Pay your serving staff their tips, electronically, and in real time, in just four easy steps:

Electronic tips - Instant Tips - digital tips
electronic tips - Instant Tips - digital tips
digital tips - electronic tips - Instant Tips
digital tips - electronic tips - Instant Tips - cashless tips

Learn more about Instant Tips

Check out our ‘Instant Tips at a Glance’ overview resource to learn more about our fee-free employee tips solution.

Instant Tips - electronic tips

A New Take on Tips

Discover a whole new way to deliver tips that differentiates you from the competition, and builds an organizational culture that shows you’ve got your employees’ backs.

electronic tips Instant Tips - digital tips

⦿ Get tips paid out instantly after a shift

⦿ Keep staff safe by going cashless

⦿ Make purchases anywhere Visa® is accepted

⦿ Access over 37,000 surcharge-free ATMs

⦿ Transfer funds to a bank account

⦿ Pay their bills online

⦿ No integration required – go live in days

⦿ Audit trail of tip payouts to employees

Fee-free restaurant tips, done differently.

Kevin O’Bold

Kevin O’Bold

Ultra Steak Inc. VP of Finance

“Our company has found great value in using Instant Tips. We would highly recommend implementing it into your business! Our operators can streamline payments to employees, reduce cash handling and provides a safe, effective way to fund our employees on a nightly basis. Its state of the art technology provides a clean audit trail and is very user friendly.”

Take the Pain out Paying Your Employee Tips

Go cashless with your tips, and pay your employees electronically, with no fees. Get in touch today.