The Best Benefit You Can Provide

We believe the traditional pay cycle is dated. It’s time we set the new standard by letting
employees cash out as soon as they clock out.


That’s why Instant has been built to ensure employees can get access to their pay, fee-free and whenever they need it.

Build a Better Brand

Whether it’s an increase in job applicants or a reduction in employee turnover, Instant sets the precedent that you care for your people’s wellbeing and want to support their financial stability.

For All Employees

Whether you have employees that need extra cash before payday, rely on tips, or need reimbursement after spending most of their time on the road, Instant has a solution for you.

Instant Gives Employee Freedom of Choice

Empower your employees to manage their daily cashflow needs by being able to access their earned pay instantly, whenever they may need it.

Instant Financial: Choices

Be the company that can say you understand your employee’s pains, offering something they may not need today, or just temporarily, but either way, you’re there for them. At instant, we offer the fee-free option for employees to use a portion of their pay, when they need it – no strings attached. see more


Designed for Every Business

Whatever business you operate, we have a solution founded on offering your employees the financial
freedom they deserve.

Simple Set Up

With no onboarding fees for you or employees, getting started with Instant is quick, easy, and doesn’t affect your bottom line.

Easy To Implement

Instant connects directly to your existing payroll and time and attendance solutions, meaning no disruptions to your existing processes, and no additional work for you.


We’ve done our homework – Instant is compliant with wage and labor laws in all 50 states, meaning no compliance headaches for you or your team.

How Does Instant Work?

Empower your employees in four simple steps.

  • 1. Your employee downloads the Instant app, and opts in to earned wage access with you, their employer.
  • 2. Your employee completes their work day and clocks out as usual.
  • 3. Your employee receives a notification on their smartphone with an option to receive a portion of their earnings.
  • 4. Pay is loaded directly to their account, which they can access via the Instant app for use, instantly.

Instant is For You If

Elevate Your Employee Experience

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