Addressing the Challenges of Workforce Hiring with Earned Wage Access

As businesses across the US undertake a post-pandemic reopening process, they’re facing unexpected challenges in employee recruitment and retention. We’ve developed a white paper that explores some of the factors influencing this, and the role that earned wage access can play in helping organizations stay competitive during this critical stage.

This white paper examines:

  • The factors influencing today’s challenging labor and hiring environment
  • The obstacles identified by employers to filling open positions
  • The reasons why earned wage access is an ideal solution for employers to succeed
  • The benefits experienced by companies who offer earned wage access to their employees

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What this white paper answers

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    The Challenge

    Many companies are challenged to attract and hire new talent as they reopen in today's post-pandemic economy. One of the main reasons include stimulus payments issued by the government to support employees affected by layoffs and furloughs, which are having unintended consequences.

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    The Solution

    As the gig economy continues to grow, job-seekers are searching for opportunities that pay them on a daily basis, offering them a layer of financial comfort and security. This is especially important after experiencing long-term stress and uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

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    The Result

    Companies that offer instant access to pay to their employees gain a crucial competitive advantage in recruiting new talent, and as a result are seeing a direct impact on their HR performance metrics due to easier hiring and increased retention.