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The restaurant industry is plagued by staffing issues — and they’ve only gotten worse since the struggles of COVID-19. With more jobs available than applicants to fill them, the worker shortage is no laughing matter — it’s preventing restaurants from operating normally and turning a profit.

In this climate, restaurants must do everything in their power to attract and retain employees — offering whatever perks and bonuses will entice applicants to choose them over the restaurant next door. Earned Wage Access, made affordable and effortless by Instant Pay, offers something that every employee wants — free, quick and easy access to their own money.

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    Restaurant industry labor shortage

    There are simply more open jobs than applicants to fill them. This makes finding, hiring, and onboarding enough new employees an everyday nightmare.

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    A proven strategy to boost hiring and retention

    Offer the most in-demand employee benefit – free access to earned pay after each shift. In return, improve hiring and retention and save on recruiting, onboarding, and training new workers.

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    Partner testimonials

    Don’t just take our word for it. Read our partners' testimonials from Checkers and Rally's, Sundance (the owner of 180 Taco Bell locations), and Valluzzo Companies (McDonalds owner operator).