Immediately reduce turnover by 20%

Instant improves employee loyalty by reducing their financial stress.

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Why Instant

See results in real-time

Your employees won’t have to wait to get paid, and your business won’t have to wait to start seeing the benefits of Instant.

  • Exceed recruiting targets

    Offering a modern solution to financial wellness gets the best employees to notice you.

  • Significantly improve employee retention

    Employees are more likely to stick around with a company that puts their financial well-being first.

  • Increase employee engagement

    With financial flexibility and well-being, your employees are happier and more productive.

  • Drastically lower absenteeism

    When employees know they can get paid that day, it’s easier to fill last-minute shifts.

  • Lower operational costs

    Administrative and hiring costs both drop when you’re using and benefitting from Instant.

In the Press

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Varner's turnover rate was 40% higher than usual, and one location hadn't received a job application in over six weeks … After Varner put up an Instant sign touting "Start today, get paid tomorrow," the applications came rolling in.

Hoover Foods – Wendy’sGlenn Varner, Director of Operations

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How it Works

We took care of all the complicated stuff

Regardless of your current systems, the Instant team can get you started in a heartbeat.

Getting Started is Easy

  • 1
    Plug in — Easily plug in to existing time & attendance, human capital management, and payroll systems.
  • 2
    Activate — To use Instant, your employees simply download the Instant app.
  • 3
    Pay — After every shift, your employees get a notification with the option to get paid. It’s that simple.


How Instant is making an impact

Find out how Instant can help your business

Instant is the real-time payment platform your employees have been waiting for.