10 facts about Millennials & Gen Z in the workplace | Infographic

September 21, 2018|By Brad Scott
Millennials and Gen Z in the workpalce
For Millennials and Gen Z, it’s about more than pay.
Employers see results when they reduce bureaucracy, increase collaboration, advance workplace technologies and offer positive work-life balance.

How employers recruit and hold on to their best employees has changed for the up-and-coming Millennial and Gen Z workforce.

Millennials and Gen Z are facing the highest costs (ever) for healthcare, tuition and student debt. To top that, bill frequency is getting faster—making it a challenge to stay on top of daily finances.

In this infographic, we share research on how Millennial and Gen Z employees are set to change how the labor market operates, and what that means for employers.

A few takeaways: always consider financial wellness, up-to-date digital and social technologies make a difference and employees are becoming more entrepreneurial and savvy.

If you’re an employer that wants to dig into the strategies that will help you recruit and retain your Millennial employees, read our whitepaper here.


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