Road Runner Sports rolls out Instant Pay to employees at over 40 locations in the US

October 10, 2022|By Ryan Ashton

Back in 1983, Road Runner Sports was just starting its humble beginnings out of the garage of its founder (or Chief Runner!) Mike G’s house in a San Diego suburb. Today, with over 40 stores in 12 states, Road Runner Sports can now lay claim to be the largest running specialty retailer in the United States.

It’s a family affair – making both customers and Team Members alike feel like they’re all part of a close-knit community dedicated to running.

And taking care of employee financial needs is a big part of this. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Road Runner Sports has chosen to implement Instant Pay as a benefit to all of its Team Members across all of their locations.

With a focus on a familial environment, and taking care of their staff financially, Road Runner is allowing each of their Team Members the ability to get access to their earned wages the same day they work, all without fees.

Driving a progressive and inclusive company culture starts at the top, and with a benefit like Instant Pay that allows their Team Members to be in total control of the wages they earn, Road Runner Sports is setting the bar high for the industry, fostering a culture of engagement and loyalty. This engagement has intended trickle-down impacts too – a recent PWC study shows that engaged employees perform better at their job, and do better by the customers that they serve.

And for a company like Road Runner, making those customers feel like family is just as important as the shoes that they wear.

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