Church’s Chicken enhancing employee lives with Instant Pay

April 06, 2021|By Ryan Ashton
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Our employees are hardworking individuals who are essential to our business and to their communities. Like most people, they face unexpected expenses and challenges at times. It is important to provide them with the security of being able to access some of the money they’ve earned in advance of our normal two-week pay period.

Church’s Chicken, April 2021

There comes a time in nearly everyone’s lives when cash flow doesn’t align with cash needs. The last paycheck has already been spent on food and electric bills, and yet the water and medical bills are due before the next paycheck comes through.

And for a subset of the American population, this is a challenge that they face all too often… At Church’s Chicken, however, team members have an ally in Karen Viera, the SVP and Chief People Officer. You see, Karen has a commitment to the quality of life her employees live and is always searching for a way to express how valuable the employees are to the company.

Church’s Chicken is in a highly competitive employee landscape. Quick service restaurants (QSRs) all pay employees approximately the same hourly wage, and so retaining employees is always difficult in this industry.

Karen considered the negative impact that a two-week span between paychecks could have on the company’s employees. As she looked for solutions, she came across Instant Pay, from Instant Financial. This earned wage access platform provides employees with free access to a portion of their wages via the mobile app and debit card—after every shift.

That was the real differentiator: Instant Pay gave her employees instant access to their own money, fee-free.

Church’s Chicken created a program called “Work Today, Get Paid Tomorrow.” that they promoted through their job postings and store window signs to stand out from the competition and attract more talent.

Once the decision was made, the benefits started becoming more and more clear:

  • A sales team that listened – and delivered.
  • A support team that made the installation easy as pie.
  • Roll-out as smooth as biscuit dough.
  • Employee joy – users loved the app that they found to be as easy as drive-through.
  • Turnover numbers were better than ever – even in a pandemic.
  • Recruitment was bubbly – potential employees saw the signs and applications were crisp.

Of course, there’s more. To get the full story, download the case study and learn about the direct results Church’s Chicken experienced after implementing Instant Pay in 165 locations, and what their employees say about this life-changing benefit. Then let us know if we can help you develop a program that benefits your team.