Instant’s Growing Ranks

April 27, 2021|By Ryan Ashton

Recently, Instant added three new members to the leadership team. That may not seem like big news at first blush but trust us – it is.

First, some introductions.

Please meet Charles Jarrett, incoming Chief Technology Officer. Charles brings decades of software design and technology leadership to the role. He’s an entrepreneur at heart and knows well how innovation can make people’s lives easier. He’s looking forward to advancing opportunities for those living paycheck to paycheck, delivering on new technology solutions that will rid America from this blight. Jarret says: “The ever-evolving world of financial services businesses requires innovation, creativity, and leadership for success. To fulfill Instant’s vision of bringing products to market that aid in employer retention and employee wellbeing, I’m looking forward to utilizing my past experiences in this space while building on the work the team has already accomplished.”

And when it comes to “getting it done,” you’ll be pleased to get to know Nathan Halydier. Nathan has joined our company as Director of Product Management. Nathan’s passion is getting simple and engaging products in the hands of people, in an effort to make a big difference in their lives. The vision that Instant has of freeing people from the need to live paycheck to paycheck is especially close to Nathan’s heart. Having been an active volunteer both domestically and internationally building orphanages, and creating sports camps, and educational programs for lower income families around the world. Nathan believes that combining his passion for technology with his drive to help those around him will create the synergy to propel Instant’s product innovations into the future. Nathan has been focused on process automation, digital marketing and product management for more than 10 years and looks forward to building revolutionary products at Instant Financial.

Also joining is Ryan Ashton, our new Vice President of Marketing. Ryan brings years of creative and digital marketing expertise to the team. He has spent decades on the marketing side of technology companies who serve the travel and hospitality industries. He also was director of marketing for SaaS companies Infor and Vivonet and is looking forward to developing partnerships with companies who share Instant’s vision and values.

So – what’s in it for you? A commitment to our principals: not charging people to get instant access to their own money. Because we don’t believe you should have to pay a fee to use money you’ve earned.

And the big picture? Better products. Better communication. Faster delivery.

Each of our new leaders share the Instant Financial vision of ending the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, opening doors of opportunity for millions of Americans by delivering access to pay as soon as it’s earned. Fee-free.