The Post-Covid Factors That Affect Restaurant Hiring

October 07, 2021|By Ksenia Steidel
restaurant hiring

After months of pandemic-forced isolation, millions of people across the globe have only recently begun to venture out to get back to familiar activities – visit with friends, catch up with loved ones, and enjoy food and drinks at their favorite establishments.

This was supposed to be a pivotal moment for businesses – a chance to reopen, welcome returning customers and recoup some of the vast losses that many faced after months of reduced capacity.

But for many, this didn’t turn out to be the case. As businesses began to re-open, they were faced with the reality that there weren’t enough workers to resume operations normally. Yet another challenge amid a string of them over the past number of months.

And it’s borne out in the numbers. As of May 2021, employment at restaurants across the United States was down 1.5 million jobs from pre-pandemic levels – a staggering 12% drop.

What led to this?

There was a combination of factors.

Some workers decided to retrain for different careers when restaurants closed, only to find they had no desire to return to their former jobs. Others remained hesitant and fearful of COVID-19, or perhaps unable to work so they can care for children or elderly parents. Still others received temporary government assistance and may not have seen the value in returning to the workforce until they literally have no other choice.

Whatever the reason, it remains that still today, restaurant operators must work harder than ever to appeal to the workforce and set themselves apart from the competition.

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