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October 02, 2018|By Brad Scott
Instant Financial improves Newk's employee engagement

Whenever looking for benefits to introduce at Newk’s Eatery, Scott Stinson always has one question top of mind: is this going to be a total win for my employees?

As Senior Director of HR at Newk’s, a restaurant chain with over 100 locations in the U.S., Scott is tasked with finding solutions for the growing recruitment and retention challenges that face not only his business, but the entire service industry.

Though, how he sees it, when a business puts their employees first, the operational and staffing results eventually follow.

“Having an employee-centric solution always helps with getting and keeping the best employees,” says Scott. “If your employees feel like you’re taking care of them, it will lead to the results your company needs.”

Pay card solutions (which give employees faster access to their pay) was the employee-centric benefit that caught his attention the most. It was exactly what Scott was looking for—a win for his employees and a benefit that shows his staff that Newk’s cares about their financial wellness.

When he found out about Instant Financial, he saw it as the perfect fit. With free access to pay after each shift for his employees, and an Instant Card that gives them immediate use of those funds, he was eager to get the program up-and-running.

“We did the training, helped employees get signed up, talked about how cool the Instant Card was. And with the very first Instant Pay accepted, I remember myself and a bunch of our employees crowding around her phone to watch it happen in real-time.”

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We have 100% participation with Instant Pay—employees love it. They’re calling in all the time to ask to pick up any shifts. Other locations are dying to have it.

Senior HR Director, Newk's Eatery

Now a month into the program, it’s been a hit with his staff, with 100% participation and 100% of employees having completed an Instant Pay. With employee engagement, satisfaction and morale noticeably higher, he’s even seeing employees calling in more regularly to ask to pick up any extra shifts.

With the business results coming in, Scott plans to roll out the program to three other corporate locations and believes franchisees will soon follow suit. But more importantly, he’s seeing a clear answer to his question—it’s a total win for his employees.

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Instant Financial is the only platform that gives your employees access to their pay right after each shift—at no cost to them.