December 17, 2020

Got ADP? So does Instant.

By Ryan Ashton

By Ryan Ashton


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At Instant Financial, we’re working to make life easier for everyone involved in payroll, whether you’re paying or getting paid. So is our partner, ADP.
In developing ADP Marketplace, the payroll giant helps their customers create customized HR ecosystems. This HR storefront offers secure products that simply connect and shares data with your ADP platform.

Introducing our new partnership with ADP

Companies using ADP find that the ADP Marketplace is the easiest way to get started with Instant Pay. Simply download the Instant Pay app through the ADP Marketplace. And it makes processing taxes, etc., as simple as ADP.

The entire process, from download to up-and-running, will take 15 to 20 minutes. Fast, simple, and secure – and you’re ready to offer your employees the free benefit of Instant Pay.

Our partnership brings strength to your offerings. It’s complete, just like ADP. And just as you trust ADP to keep your systems up to date and secure, they trust Instant Financial to do the same.

ADP Marketplace has featured Instant Pay in their Top 6 Resolutions for 2021.

Why Instant Pay?

Instant Pay is the only platform that gives your employees free access to pay within minutes after their shift ends. Here are a few things that make Instant your best choice for earned wage access:

  • NO COST to your employees.
  • Payroll comes on a prepaid Visa® debit card.
  • Access within minutes. This same debit card can be loaded with up to 50% of the pay employees have earned during unpaid but completed shifts.
  • No bank account required. 7.1 million American households do not have a bank account, so you have a leg up on the talent competition.
  • Usage options are plentiful. Opt to transfer into a bank account, use for purchases, or get cash instantly … with no fee … at any ATM in our network.
  • No direct deposit fees, like some other companies charge.
  • And free pay and spending tracking on the app.

Companies using Instant Financial’s Instant Pay see improved employee satisfaction. They find thankful employees who committed to the company – all because they have free access to the money they have earned, when they need to take care of unexpected expenses, pay bills on time, or save.

Isn’t it time you added Instant Pay to your employee benefits?

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